Cladding & Roofline Products

Fascia boards come complete with matching corners, joiners and end caps, for the complete roofline system.  See below for full product brochures.

Also available are a selection of accessories such as decorative moulding and finial to add the finishing touch to any property.

Once fitted, the boards need but an occasional wipe-down with soapy water to maintain their appearance.

Features include:


1. Soffit

This protects the underside of the rafters.  Decorative cladding and Guttering by Exmoor Fascias in North Devon

2. Fascia

This protects the end of the rafters and supports the bottom edge of tiles as well as the guttering.

3. Bargeboard

This produces a decorative finish to the gable end  

of your home, sealing the verge.

4. Cladding

150mm wide shiplap or 100mm wide tongue- and-groove cladding is used which allows for a 25mm overlap and 8mm interlock between planks. The profile is secret nailed between boards. The cladding is fixed to a rigid treated softwood timber batten base fixed to the substrate. A waterproof membrane is installed between the cladding and the battens to protect from any secondary water ingress.

5. Guttering & Dowpipe

Collects rainwater from the roof and carries it to thedownpipe. Gutters are levelled and aligned to ensure correct gutter 'fall'. This allows the water to drain efficiently. Available in square, round or ogee styles.

6. Verge-guard

Verge-guard protects the vulnerable tile edge on the gable end of your home. It forms a weathertight seal ensuring you will never have to repoint. They are supplied in one of three colours to complement your existing roof tiles.

7. Box End

Is the large section of material at the bottom of the gable end where the Fascia and Bargeboard meet.



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